We provide end-to-end technology-enabled people transportation solutions and services.

We offer fully integrated technology enabled mobility services such as Application-based interactions for optimised routes and vehicles, Route planning and optimisation engine, round the clock Control Tower Operations

(CTO) for tracking all vehicles and passengers, EV telematics for a connected car tracking and vehicle health monitoring, Use of a mobile app to track, charge, manage AC controls.

Application based interaction for bookings, tracking of vehicles and reporting
  • On-call App: Our on-call business gives Customers the flexibility to book vehicles on an Adhoc basis. Customers and their employees can book rides via our on-call app where they will receive their vehicle and driver details within an allotted timeframe.
  • Subscription: Our subscription app reaches out directly to office commuters looking for reasonably priced, shared rides to their place of work and back on a subscription basis (weekly, monthly). Riders will be able to choose from a series of fixed routes on a first come first serve basis.
Driver and Employee Apps to accept and manage trips
  • Our Driver apps ensure that we can track our vehicles on a real time basis to ensure a safe and timely passage for our riders.
  • The Employee app is the medium via which we communicate with our riders (time of trip, ETA, Driver details) and through which they can communicate with us (feedback, SOS).
Routing engine for optimal routing and planning of trips

Our Enterprise Mobility team works with 3rd party ETMS (Employee Transportation Management Solution) providers and are also in the process of building our own in house ETMS to ensure the smooth movement of our Customer’s employees from their home to work and vice versa. Our team uses ETMS for route planning and allocation of vehicles to ensure fair allocation and optimal utilization of all our vehicles.

Control Tower Operations (CTO) for tracking all vehicles and passengers
  • Vehicle Tracking GPS/Non: GPS enabled: GPS enabled vehicles are tracked through systems with automated feeds. The Non – GPS team is constantly in touch with drivers and business associates.
  • 24×7 Helpdesk Support: Dedicated support provided via a toll-free number and mail ticket management system. All the queries and complaints are logged in to the ticket management for appropriate tracking. To communicate real time with the customer resolve customer queries and complaints and collect customer feedback.
EV telematics for a connected car – tracking and vehicle health monitoring

Unified GPS portal is a one stop platform where we will have visibility of all our vehicles across clients, sites and locations.  It provides us with data that further strengthen our tracking process and alerts/SOS management process.

Business partner and driver management
  • BA connect: A one stop platform for our Business partners to connect with us and engage with us in a transparent manner.
  • Noticeboard:  With the onset of Covid-19, Notice board is our endeavour to provide remote training and pertinent information to all our driver partners and Ground staff on various key topics (e.g.: the do’s and don’ts specific to Covid-19). It is also the medium through which we ensure our driver partners and ground staff provide us with a health declaration daily.
Compliance & Safety Apps

At Alyte, the safety of our riders and our drivers is of paramount importance. All efforts are made to ensure that compliance standards are maintained for both vehicle and driver.

  • Compliance App: Our Compliance App is used by our ground compliance team to monitor key compliance and safety standards that have to be maintained for our vehicles and our drivers. Non-compliant vehicles or drivers are immediately flagged and disallowed from duty
  • Safety Portal:  Safety Application is a medium for identifying, recording, investigating and preventing the recurrence of any incident that is detrimental to the safety of our riders, drivers and also the wider general population.  Via a ticketing system our Customers, riders and drivers will be able to raise issues regarding their safety and our team will then address and solve for these issues.
Alyte Core System

Core System: is an intelligent forward-thinking system that ties together all our technology platforms. It acts as our central data repository with data flowing in from all the above-mentioned technology streams. Through our Core a high level of analytics and forward thinking solutioning is possible, which in turn will enable us to make our overall service offering robust and cohesive.