Leading global end to end IT services provider


A leading global end to end IT transformation, consulting, and business process services provider and a pioneer in the Indian Market. The Leading global IT giant has 1,70,000 employees spread across India. They have a fleet of more than 250 cars in Pune for employee transportation at 7 different sites. The company has been working with 6-8 vendors. They realised that they need a standalone partner who can bring in standardisation, can quickly adapt to the operations, and act promptly to match the scale-up.

  • Delays in Pick-ups and drops
  • Higher employee transportation cost
  • Managing multiple touchpoints with different vendors
  • The calculations of the service charges based on “Cost Per Boarded Employee”
    – Mahindra Logistics studied the operational processes and operational data including logistics spend on transport for an initial period – which was shared by the customer
    – The cost per head per trip is worked out on the above basis with all conditions built-in for change in occupancy, number of employees, diesel rate, and demographic spread of employees
    – MLL took over the complete fleet and helpdesk operations – with the technology brought in by the customer
  • Scaling up the count of vehicles to 350+ nos. for employee transportation, to take up 50% share of the transport business
  • Dedicated project management team set up camp in Pune to ensure vehicle ramp up as per the committed timelines
  • There were several attacks on our BA manager who was working to induct the fleet on-site to stop MLL from starting operations for which MLL took support from local authorities to ensure operations happens as per set timelines
  1. Simplicity in Billing – Simplified billing due to CPBE model and complete transparency in operations
  2. Single Ownership – The entire onus of efficient operations will lie with MLL to recommend changes due to variations in occupancy and routing, which needs to be supported by the customer
  3. Cost Benefits due to consolidation of Business Partners
  4. Flexibility By implementing different operating models at different sites which worked best for customer like per trip non AC, per km, Per headcount
  5. Safety & Compliance – monthly audits of drivers and vehicles ensuring safety & compliance
  6. Standardisation of complete operations, MIS, operating SOP’s also
  7. Reliability By taking complete responsibility for the entire operations starting from Supply to compliance and routing to technology
  8. Ease of review mechanism – It was easy for the customer to review single partner MLL than having multiple vendors to review every month. Ease in Implementing any change in process or address issue