IT consulting company


Leading multinational IT, service and consulting company headquartered in Noida. The Leading global IT giant has over 1,40,000 employees spread across India. The customer has over 1000 vehicles plying on-site with over 3 Cr of business per month in their Noida office consisting of Buses, Hatchbacks, and Sedans.

  • Dealing with over 32+ vendors with challenges in terms of standardization
  • High count of operational manpower to manage the transport operations
  • Environmental issues due to maintaining balance between multiple vendors
  • Managing multiple touch points with different vendors
  • Overall transport operations divided into two vendors for better control and standardized processes
  • We studied the operational processes and operational data including logistics spend on transport for a period of time before transitioning into a Cost per Employee model
  • We entered the foray with a km model with a planned transition into a Cost per Employee model. In this model MLL is responsible to manage the routing and occupancy aspects with the support from customer
  • Final per head proposal based on the simulations and certain assumptions on the occupancy levels and fleet mix variations Compliance and Induction taken up by the individuals vendors to manage the operations
  • Environmental challenges managed by the MLL team – Severe resistance faced from existing vendors to induct fleet at site to run the end to end operations at customer site
  1. Increased Accountability – Higher ownership and accountability as MLL manages end to end operations with ownership in maintaining vehicle occupancy
  2. Safety & Compliance – Monthly audits of drivers and vehicles ensuring safety & compliance
  3. Standardisation of complete operations, MIS, operating SOP’s also
  4. Ease of review mechanism – It was easy for customer to review just two transport partners than having multiple vendors to review every month.
  5. SLA Performance – Better control of SLA performance due to standardized processes
  6. Reliability – Customer today trusts in MLL to support during any BCP events such as strikes, major festivals and any such happening