German multinational financial service company


A large German multinational financial services company with its core business in insurance and asset management with major IT outsourcing based out of India. They have over 1500+ employees based out of Trivandrum office with a fleet requirement of 100+ vehicles earlier being managed by 4 vendors working on an aggregation model. Their ask was for a single partner to run end to end operations and drive efficiency into their current operations.

  • Manual operations with an under-par routing engine
  • Higher count of ‘No Shows’ (20%) leading to increased costs
  • High lead time for employee scheduling – 48 Hrs prior
  • Low visibility into trend analysis for vehicle utilization
  • Mahindra Logistics came in as the single vendor with end to end technology implementation from Routing to MIS through MLL technology
  • Fleet ramp up was managed through a mix of new fleet and absorbing some of the existing fleet who were aligned to MLL’s standards of safety and operations
  • All vehicles were inducted as per MLL guidelines with all compliance procedures followed to ensure adherence to customer standards
  • Routing optimization to increase occupancy levels and reduce ‘no-shows’
  • Live tracking of vehicles to ensure adherence to SLA performance and employee safety
  • 100% paperless Operations
  • Improved On-time performance –- Getting an average 96% OTA
  • Route optimisation – 85% occupancy utilization
  • Live tracking and trend analysis report
  • Routing Efficiency – Post MLL’s involvement routing is carried out 6 Hrs prior for Pick and 2 Hrs prior for drop, as against 48 Hrs taken earlier
  • Faster activation for new user – New user activations timeline currently at 24 Hrs as compared to 72 Hrs taken by the client earlier
  • Faster vehicle allocation for on-call trips – Before technology it was 2 Hrs, Currently in 30 minutes
  • Reduced No show percentage – Only 5% no show currently, before technology it was at 20% no show
  • Complete transparency in operations leading to data integrity and compliance aspects