At Alyte, we believe that while the growth and success of our business if our priority, we can reach our greater goals only if we cater to the needs of the communities where we operate. We empower communities to rise – through building the livelihood of our driver partners.

Drivers are the key spokes in our business ecosystem and are the ones who ensure that material and people are always kept moving no matter whatever is the situation. As a specialized service provider pursuant to managing people mobility, it is our duty and responsibility to make sure that they are safe. This defensive driver training initiative will sensitize the importance of safe driving and improve the driving skills of our driver partners.

Project Samantar

Samantar is a holistic driver welfare program designed to improve the working conditions of the driver community. The Driver Welfare Forums, comprising our business associates field experts and NGOs, do a need assessment to ensure that the project will help the drivers. The project has been structured to address three major challenges faced by the drivers:

Lack of proper facilities

We provided facilities such as rest-rooms, en-route sanitation, drinking water and medical check-ups and also ensured they spent time with their families during festivals.

Lack of dignity and respect

We launched various awareness programs to educate all employees and security personnel to treat drivers with respect. We also encourage drivers to discuss issues and challenges with senior personnel through programs such as Chai Pe Charcha.

Poor skills

We conducting various skill development programs for our drivers, such as:

  • Awareness campaigns on importance of wearing seat belts, and following road signage and personal hygiene
  • Safety training
  • Defensive driving training
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Mobile friendliness

We continued certifying drivers and third-party employees under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) on driving skills and warehousing skills, where their prior competencies are assessed and on successful completion, candidates receive a monetary reward, mark sheet and government certificate.

We have successfully completed training of 54,00+ drivers across India within one year, under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana.

This skill and certification aims to enable and mobilize a large number of drivers to drive responsibly, understand vehicle condition and statutory compliances, safe driving in diverse conditions, behavioral training, stress management and communication.

Business partners engagement activities

The special Business Partner Program of is aimed at engaging Business Partners, throughout their journey of association with the Company. We have set up a business partner development and loyalty program to expand our existing network of business partners as well as to incentivize our existing business partners to contribute more assets while improving service quality and performance. We train our business partners and their employees on topics such as customer service skills, communication skills, and etiquette. We conduct periodic reviews with all business partners where quality, compliance, reliability and their business expansion plans are discussed. Our business partners’ engagement program seeks to develop and maintain strong ties with all business partners. Our Leadership team personal interact with all our business partners via sessions like “Chai Pe Charcha”, M-power, Bravo cards and “Maan Ki Baat” through these sessions all are able to connect and share their ideas and suggestions. We celebrate Driver’s Day and
Children’s Day to boost the morale of drivers and encourage their performance. We also recognize our business partners through annual awards.

We have also focused on multiple initiatives to incentivize drivers of our business partners. One such initiative is our focus on developing driver-cum-owner (DCO) business partners to meet our future needs. Such DCOs own and maintain their own vehicles, which they make available to us to support our operations. The induction, operation, and control of DCOs is facilitated and automated through the use of technology.

To effectively run this program, Mahindra Logistics Limited has a Business Partner Cell. This cell handles the entire life-cycle of the business partners covering engagement, development, data management, complaint management etc.